Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia "Caring for our youth" ...since 1975

Concerned Black Men (CBM) was founded in 1975 when several Philadelphia police officers sponsored social events for kids at risk to gang violence. CBM’s vision was to fill the void of positive black male role models in many communities by providing mentors and programs that affirmed the care and discipline that all youth need while providing opportunities for academic and career enrichment. While the vision of CBM’s founding members has expanded to include children and their parents nationwide, the philosophy of men offering themselves as positive role models to children has remained CBM’s mission since 1975.

Concerned Black Men works to create a community where:

  • Every child has in his or her life a responsible caring adult;
  • After-school and summer enrichment programs are available to all young people, not just for children of the wealthy;
  • Youths are empowered to change their lives by receiving appropriate and accurate information on health, social and community issues;
  • Quality  education is our Nation’s highest priority; 
  • Teenage parents are the exception, not the norm.

TheFounding Chapter Concerned Black Men accomplishes its mission through the implementation of “best practice” programs at the national level, and special projects and initiatives by local chapters throughout the country.


Local Chapter Initiatives

  • Oratory Contests
  • Tours of Historical Black Colleges
  • Adopt a School Programs
  • Group Mentoring Program
  • Chess Program
  • Scholarship Luncheons and Banquets
  • Student of the Year Contests