Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia "Caring for our youth" ...since 1975
Harvey Crudup

Our organization, Concerned Black Men, Inc., of Philadelphia, is currently conducting its annual fundraising.  We are seeking support both for our operations and our annual scholarship awards.  We recognize the impact of the negative economy, which has also impacted our ability to operate as we have in the past.  However, there is no minimum amount you may wish to contribute that would not assist us in continuing our programs which culminates in May of each year with our Annual African American Youth Recognition and Awards Program.  This event is designed to honor and recognize the academic, civic and community accomplishments of area high school students.  It is at this event that we provide financial scholarships to deserving students.  Aside from our own financial contributions to the awards, specific donor scholarships are titled and awarded in the name of the donor and according to their specific wishes.

Concerned Black Men (CBM) was founded in 1975 by five Philadelphia police officers to address the violent gang problem that existed in that city.  It has evolved to become an organization which now nurtures both civic and academic achievement.  Our membership includes people such as Hank Wilson, a local small enterprise entrepreneur as well as James Etlen III, a public elementary school principal.

Since the founding of Concerned Black Men, we have never missed a year awarding scholarships.  The year 2014, will be our thirty ninth consecutive year of scholarship awards.

Your contributions will go a long way in helping our continuing efforts and effectiveness in our community.

Harvey L. Crudup
Board of Directors