Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia "Caring for our youth" ...since 1975

 One of the primary goals of Concerned Black Men is to encourage black men to interact with black and other minority youth in a positive manner. The objective is to project a more positive image of black adult males and to support the efforts of the positive black youth.



The goal of the Boy to Manhood Program is to showcase positive black men, and to give youth the opportunity to see and speak with men who are making a difference in their community.




 The objectives of the Boy to Manhood Program are to speak directly to an all male youth audience. To conduct workshops, speaking engagements, and group discussions; all in the Philadelphia Schools, geared towards educating young African American males about the responsibilities of manhood.


The youths are encouraged to ask questions in reference to personal and societal issues as well as inquire as to various professional and career possibilities, self esteem, peer pressure and criminal activity. These are some of the topics, with the main emphasis always on High School graduation and College.

**Please be advised that our programs are temporarily suspended while building repairs are ongoing. We can add your name to our waiting list and contact you when programs resume.