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The STEM Program meets on Saturday (Science, Technology and Engineering) from 1 to 4 PM and Friday (Mathematics and Coding) from 5 to 7 PM (Please check CBM Calendar for cancellations).   Our program will explore all areas of STEM while fostering problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, professionalism and collaboration skills.  Students from elementary to high school are invited to apply. 

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On Saturdays we will focus on the sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Astronomy...), engineering (Electronic, Robotics, drawing Schematics... )

Technology (Communications, Computers, Computer Networks...) and Presentation skills.

On Fridays we will focus on mathematics (numbers, patterns, math operations, units, functions/methods, math software tools...) Coding (Coding for the World Wide Web and C++, Java, C#, and other computer programming languages....)

There will be a 3 month try-out/ probationary period.  Upon completing the 3 month probationary period the child will be invited to become a provisional member.  After completing a year of acceptable behavior, attendence and collaboration, the child will be consider a